Friday, September 17, 2010

I have landed

I arrived in Poland yesterday after an exhausting 14 hours of travel. I'm staying in a small village called Dobrawica with my Uncle Janek, Aunt Krysia, cousin Yola and her 2 year old duaghter Olivia. They have a population of about 1200 people which is pretty insane.

Yesterday I was fed pierogi's at three seperate houses; two made them with cheese and potatoes, and the third was with cabbage(which is my favorite).

at lunch today I did three shots of vodka with my Uncle and his was pissing rain so I didn't really shoot, plus I needed to get a bunch of stuff in town.

I will post as much as I can, wherever I have internet access. In the mean time here is a shot of the bedroom I'll sleeping in for the next little bit. I told my uncle I will be stealing at least two of those sweet animal skulls on the wall.

more posts soon!

ps. on Sunday my uncle will show me how to shoot a shot gun!!! I promise documentation. (don't tell my mom)

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Alissa said...

amazing i love it!!